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ZENICS is a public sector undertaking under the Government of Mizoram registered underCompany Act, 1956 on 20.3.1991 with authorised Share Capital of Rs. 5 crores.  The Government of Mizoram raised the Authorised Share Capital to Rs. 10 Crores on   10.8.2006. The Company has a Memorandum and Articles of Association containing 157 Articles.

The Main Objects of the Company are:

       1) To develop Electronics and Allied Industries through manufacturing and research activities.

       2) Manufacturing and servicing of all audio visual equipments.

       3) Developing and perfecting electronic technology.

       4) Organizing seminar, exhibition, etc. in the field of electronics and electrical engineering.

       5) To carry out business of manufacturing, buying and selling, etc.

The Company has four permanent official Directors who are also Share Holders by virtue of designation in the State Government:

       1) Chief Secretary

       2) Finance Secretary

       3) ICT Secretary

       4) Principal Informatics Officer (PIO) ICT Department

The main duty of the Company is to have business ventures in electronics and more recently, Information Technology on profit motive. In regard to organization, the Board of Directors is the authority of the Company and the Managing Director assisted by other managerial level officers execute the works of the Company.

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